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Security Options for Your Residential Property

The security of your home in Mount Prospect, Illinois, is one of the most important concerns on your mind. By doing what you can to implement increased protection of your home, you can rest easier knowing that your house is protected at its very best. A trained locksmith, such as those at Quick Locksmith Mount Prospect, will be able to provide advice and solutions to your residential security concerns and will be both knowledgeable and trained in the most current forms of security and their applications.

Changing or Rekeying Exterior Locks

The locks on your front door and other entrances in your home are crucial safety components that form the basis of your lock security. Just like with any other foundation, your security is only as good as your base component, in this case, your locks. Locks can become worn out over time, especially with a high frequency of use, as is usually the case with most front door locks. Don’t take the locks you currently have for granted. Give them a thorough examination and evaluate their performance. If they appear worn or damaged, or you’re not sure of the last time they were changed, or your key sticks when using the lock, consider calling a professional locksmith for their opinion.

Locks can either be changed for completely new hardware or the current locks can be rekeyed to fit new keys. They will no longer fit the old keys. Rekeying is a service that a locksmith offers that involves rearranging the pins and tumblers inside of the existing lock without having to actually replace the lock. It’s a preferred service when the locks you have are in good condition, but when you need the keys to be changed, as in the case of a divorce or a tenant change. Usually rekeying is less expensive than full lock replacement.

Lock Installation & Upgrades

A locksmith can install new locks on areas that have insufficient lock protection, such as adding a deadbolt to a back door that currently only has a low-security knob lock. Locks can also be replaced with high-security hardware from quality brands like Mul-T-Lock that are much harder to lockpick or use bump keys with than traditional lock hardware. These locks are much more difficult to bypass than the standard locks installed on most homes in the Mount Prospect, IL area.

If your home has experienced a break-in, the existing locks will likely be damaged beyond repair. Even if not, your locks have proven that they cannot withstand attack the way they need to. In these situations, it’s important to have a locksmith take out the old lock and install not only a replacement lock, but also additional forms of security, like a single or thumb-turn deadbolt, to boost your security.

Window Locks

If your current window locks work poorly or are older than 10 years, consider upgrading or replacing your existing locks. Many window locks can be easily thwarted by a burglar. While upgraded window locks don’t guarantee that the burglar won’t just smash the window glass to gain entry instead, because of the noise and attention that action would cause, it is a far more unlikely possibility than the burglar just giving up and looking for a new target.

Residential Safes

A residential safe can provide heavy-duty, unbeatable protection for the valuables you keep in your home. If you have expensive jewelry, fine artwork, valuable antiques, or other items that you need to keep under stronger protection than lock and key, consider the advantages of installing a residential safe. A locksmith can install and deliver many different varieties and sizes of residential safes, along with assisting you in locating the best spot in the home to place the safe for maximum protection. Most homeowners opt to install a wall safe, but there are other types of safes that can be installed in the home. Modern residential safes offer many additional features, including:

  • Fire-Resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Electronic Key System
  • Burglary Prevention
  • Additional Security Barriers

Many factors should go into which residential safe you choose. If you are using the safe to house precious family jewelry, it would best to find one with extra security barriers to prevent anyone from bypassing the safe’s lock. If you are storing important documents, a fire-resistant and waterproof safe is the best option.

Closed-Circuit TV Systems

You might not be aware that locksmiths have the capability to install and service more than just physical lock and key hardware. One of the installations that some locksmith companies can outfit your home with is a CCTV system. Many homeowners choose to install CCTV cameras, even if it is just one that is guarding their entrance, because they can monitor the comings and goings on their property at all times and be alert if there are any unwanted visitors. In the event of a burglary or attempted break-in, CCTV footage can be used by the police to help find the culprits. The very sight of a camera watching their every move can be a strong deterrent for most burglars.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the latest and brightest category of security on the market. If you are interested in upgrading to smart lock technology and giving your home an advantage in the future, you will want to find a locksmith like Quick Locksmith Mount Prospect that is capable of installing and maintaining these locks. Smart locks are a more expensive lock choice, however, that price is an investment that many homeowners feel is worth it to get the latest in technological security protection.

Upgrading Your Home Security

If you are interested in beginning the process to upgrade the security of your Mount Prospect, Illinois home, contact a professional locksmith to discuss your options. A locksmith will be able to factor in all of the necessary information about your home, including your wishes and goals as the homeowner. Together, you can come up with a security solution that is perfect for your residence and your budget. There is no better way to make you sleep easier at night than knowing that your locks are doing their job of protecting your home.