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Why Deadbolts Are So Critical to Residential Security

Locks form the foundation of your home’s security, so it’s crucial to ensure that all of your locks are the best that they can be or you’re leaving your home vulnerable to invasion. Deadbolts are an integral part of this process, even though they seem simple.

What Makes Deadbolts Different Than Basic Locks?

The knob or handle locks that are installed on most residences are only installed in the door itself, which makes them highly vulnerable to being broken if an intruder attempts to kick the door in or knock the hardware off with a hammer. In addition, most of these basic locks feature a spring-loaded mechanism that operates the pins, which is relatively easy for a criminal to defeat. If you’ve ever used a credit card to wiggle open a locked bathroom door, you’ll see what we mean.

Deadbolt locks feature a solid steel bolt that extends from the door’s hardware into a strike plate that is installed into the door frame. As long as the door onto which the deadbolt is installed is of a sufficient quality material and sturdiness, deadbolts provide effective protection against brute force attacks.

Types of Deadbolts

When we talk about deadbolts, we are referring to a few types of locks that fall under the same umbrella and feature the same basic security. You can discuss the options available to you with one of our professional locksmiths to assist you in determining which type is right for your property.

  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolt: A single-cylinder deadbolt is one that has is operated with a key on one side and a turn mechanism on the inside. When the key or the thumb-turn is operated, then the bolt inside of the door extends itself into the strike plate that is in the door frame. Single-cylinder deadbolts are the type most commonly found on residential doors all across Illinois. While single-cylinder deadbolts are easy to operate and provide a high level of security, it’s important not to install one on a door that has glass nearby. A savvy criminal could break the glass and turn the lock otherwise.
  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolt: Double-cylinder locks are less commonly found on homes found due to safety reasons that we’ll discuss in a second. Double-cylinder deadbolts feature a lock cylinder on both sides, as the name suggests. This means that you need a key to open the door whether you’re inside of the building or outside. As you can expect, this can cause a significant fire hazard. To address this concern, it’s best to keep a key within easy reach of the deadbolt.
  • Keyless Deadbolt: Keyless deadbolts are the wave of the future. While keyless entry was once reserved for vehicles and commercial properties, it’s steadily been gaining an advantage over manual locks and keys when it comes to residential security. Not only are keyless deadbolts safer, they are more convenient to operate, and there’s no worry about losing your key or having it be stolen. Keyless deadbolts feature a numeric keypad or a digital touchscreen, into which you input a specific personalized pin code.
  • Jimmy-Proof Deadbolts: These locks, also known as Segal locks, are usually limited to apartment buildings in large cities and were more common several decades ago, but they’re sometimes used on other residential properties. These locks are added to the top of the door and include a vertical bolt that descends into a strike plate with rings on it. The bolt fits through the rings, holding the door firm.

So Why are Deadbolts So Important?

Most security experts worth their salt recommend that all front and back doors on a home be equipped with deadbolts as long as the door supports it. You may be asking yourself why deadbolts are apparently so important. Why aren’t standard knob or lever locks enough? Is it just a matter of having two locks on the door for extra protection, or do deadbolts actually provide a significant edge?

Since brute force attacks are the most common way that criminals gain access to a residence, deadbolts are vital to protect your home. It’s important to have a deadbolt from a high-quality brand. A deadbolt is much harder to defeat than a simple knob or lever lock. That’s because these locks are only installed into the door itself and can easily be knocked out of their place. It’s not enough to just have deadbolts on your door either if they are improperly installed or worn down. Replace your deadbolts every 10-15 years to ensure that they are operating optimally. High-quality deadbolts are an affordable way to better protect your home.

Professional Locksmith Deadbolt Installation

Professional deadbolt installation is always recommended, as is the case with all types of locks. This is because deadbolts need to meet certain specifications in order to be considered properly installed. A professional locksmith can match you up with the perfect deadbolt hardware and install it quickly and efficiently at a low price. By investing the small amount in professional locksmith installation over doing it yourself, you guarantee that both the deadbolt and the strike plate are affixed appropriately and prevent vulnerabilities that are possible if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The residential locksmith experts at Quick Locksmith Mount Prospect can assist you with all of your home security concerns in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Our locksmiths carry many types of deadbolts and other door locks that are resistant to tampering and picking attempts and can enhance the safety of your property. This includes the latest in electronic and smart deadbolts to give your home’s security the cutting edge now and into the future.

By taking proactive steps to upgrade and optimize your home’s security, you’ll greatly lower your risk of ever having a crime occur on your property. A locksmith can assist you not only in the installation of locks such as deadbolts, but also in determining an individualized security plan for your home in order to meet your security goals, taking into account your budget and preferences. Don’t leave your home’s security to chance—you may just regret it.